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Millions of families are affected by addiction.  It is so easy to feel alone and overwhelmed when you or your family face-this challenge.

The books listed here are written by people just like you.  Just like you, they have have been there and they wrote every word as therapy and to help others who follow in their footsteps not to feel so helpless and alone.

The titles collected here offer encouragement , similar stories perhaps to your own and practical suggestions to help your family heal and grow stronger.
  1. Stay Close. A mother's story of her son's addiction
    by Libby Cataldi
  2. Reclaim Your Life
    by Carole Bennett
  3. The Joey Song
    A mother's story of her son's addiction by Sandra Swenson
  4. Heroin is Killing Our Children
    by Missy H. Owen
  5. Getting Your Loved One Sober
    by Robert Meyers & Brenda L. Wolfe
  6. Addict in the Family
    by Beverly Conyers
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"The fallout from an addiction, for addicts and the people who love them, is devastating – the manipulations, the guilt, the destruction of relationships and the breakage of people. When addicts know they are loved by someone who is invested in them, they immediately have fuel for their addiction. Your love and your need to bring them safely through their addiction might see you giving money you can’t afford, saying yes when that yes will destroy you, lying to protect them, and having your body turn cold with fear from the midnight ring of the phone. You dread seeing them and you need to see them, all at once. "
From the Hey Sigmund Website